Robotwin Mo-Kai v2.0

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John Mungai » 23 ноя 2016 в 18:40
BEST Trailing Stop I've seen so far. Hope you Like it too
With Proper settings the EA can trade small accounts of up to 20 dollars
Profitably. But you need good Leverage and low or no commission on account
Robotwin Mo-Kai v2.0.ex4

John Mungai » 23 ноя 2016 в 18:47



goodadmin » 23 ноя 2016 в 19:36
Hi, you can modify the EA so that which he buy -> sell, where sell -> buy ?

John Mungai » 23 ноя 2016 в 20:18
Glad you like the EA.
On your Request, I'll see what i can do.
I will get back to you soon.

John Mungai » 23 ноя 2016 в 22:32
Robotwin Mo-Kai v1.0.

Robotwin Mo-Kai v1.0-.ex4

John Mungai » 23 ноя 2016 в 22:36
Hello friend,
Sorry but i don't think that will be possible.
EA does not Use indicator but rather follows a different logic.
I can modify but not interchange trade logic.

goodadmin » 24 ноя 2016 в 10:05
@John Mungai, Good afternoon, I just thought looking at your screenshot that the adviser uses what is a trend indicator. What's the logic then the Advisor ?

John Mungai » 24 ноя 2016 в 14:41
Afternoon to you,
Code is unclear but i think it's using a shift in Bar Close.

slavadp1 » 11 янв 2017 в 22:37
Good afternoon. Please tell me what is the best currency pair to trade? And what better period it will work? Is it possible on a cent account in the amount of 70000 cents? I have 1:500 leverage what is best to put? Is there any updated parameters or the algorithm is updated? I put it on a real account is minus put on a demo is a plus. Please answer and tell me.

slavadp1 » 12 янв 2017 в 01:45
The error came. I have balance 7000 cents.

John Mungai » 13 июн 2017 в 15:59
Slavadp 1....Email me ...
I have better EA for Cent account.....for only ....if interested then email